Committing & Cloning

Committing & .gitignore

On install, Corber will update your gitignore to ignore non-essential files.

When comitting your project, the happy path involves checking in:

  • corber/config/framework.js
  • The empty corber/www, plugin, and platform directories. Corber maintains these as empty folders with a .gitkeep to avoid problems with Cordova APIs.
  • corber/cordova/config.xml should also be checked in, which is the Cordova equivalent of package.json.

Nothing else is generally required.

Cloning & Plugin/Platform re-installs

If you install plugins & platforms with corber plugin/platform commands, you will notice they are added to corber/cordova/config.xml.

With the above committed, new users can run corber prepare to install existing platforms & plugins, similar to npm install. See the CLI Reference.