About Corber & Hybrid Mobile Apps

Corber is an abstraction of Cordova, built for developers using JS Frameworks such as Vue.js, Ember and React.

Corber creates a CLI providing an integrated and simpler experience - such as a unified build pipeline, an on device/emulator hot reload environment and a set of standards and tools for building Hybrid Mobile Applications.

Hybrid Mobile Applications - specifically those built with Cordova - are native mobile applications built for iOS and Android that are full-screen Webviews. The goal of these projects are to provide:

  • Javascript only developers a way to create native mobile applications.
  • Framework/PWA developers a way to recycle existing work for distribution in native app stores.
  • A clean method for accessing device only APIs, such as the filesystem and push notifications.
  • An ecosystem of plugins with pre-built integrations to native APIs and Components.