React Mobile Apps

React support has been tested with apps from Create React App, but these steps should apply to any webpack application.

Note: In order for Cordova and Cordova plugins to be accessible during corber start and corber serve, corber-webpack-plugin must be added to the Webpack development config which requires the Create React App to be ejected.

  1. Open package.json.
  2. Update homepage to remove its leading slash, if it has one. (set it to a period “.” if has not been set.)
  3. Run npm run eject. (See note above.)
  4. Open config/
  5. Require corber-webpack-plugin and assign it as CorberWebpackPlugin.
  6. Add new CorberWebpackPlugin() to the plugins array.
+const CorberWebpackPlugin = require('corber-webpack-plugin');

module.exports = {

  plugins: [
+    new CorberWebpackPlugin(),