React / Webpack

React support has been tested with apps from Create React App, but these steps should apply to any webpack application.

The following changes to your React application are required:

  • In package.json, the homepage property must be defined and not have a leading slash.

Livereload Plugin

In order for corber start or corber serve to function, the corber-webpack-plugin addon must be installed. Once installed you will need to manually add the plugin to your vue configuration file.

The addon will be automatically installed on init. If the addon is missing, it can be installed with:

  yarn add corber-webpack-plugin --dev

Failure to have the plugin installed and configured properl will mean cordova & cordova plugin objects will not be accessible during livereload.

Add Livereload Plugin to Webpack Config

Add the following to the config/ plugins array:

  const CorberWebpackPlugin = require('corber-webpack-plugin');

  plugins: [
    ...(existing content)
    new CorberWebpackPlugin()

The CLI will warn you if anything is missing.

Bug: “Conflict: Multiple assets emit to the same filename static/js/bundle.js

In config/, modify output.filename to use a dynamic segment.

E.g. Change filename: 'static/js/bundle.js' to filename: 'static/js/[name]-bundle.js'