React support has been tested with apps from create-react-app, but these steps should generally apply to any Webpack application.

The following custom changes are required to your React application - but the CLI will warn you if anything is missing.

  • In package.json: the homepage property must be defined and nto have a leading slash;

  • If you want to use livereload (you probably do), you will have needed to run yarn run eject. corber requires access to your webpack config.

  • If you want to enable cordova.js & plugins in livereload, you will need to run:

  yarn install corber-webpack-plugin --save-dev

and then add the following to config/ plugins array:

  const CorberWebpackPlugin = require('corber-webpack-plugin');

  plugins: [
    ...(existing content)
    new CorberWebpackPlugin()
Bug: “Conflict: Multiple assets emit to the same filename static/js/bundle.js”

In config/ modify output.filename to use a dynamic segment:

e.g. from filename: 'static/js/bundle.js' to filename: 'static/js/[name]-bundle.js'