Ember Mobile Apps

The following changes to your Ember application are required:

  • In config/environment.js, set locationType to hash.
  • In config/environment.js, ensure {{rootURL}} or {{baseURL}} does not have a leading slash.

In order for the start and serve commands to work, corber-ember-livereload must be installed to your ember project. This will happen automatically for you.

Optimizing Ember Builds

In ember-cli 2.13 and later, projects have a config/targets.js configuration file that optimized Babel transpilation for the specified target browsers. For corber builds, it is advantageous to target the single (mobile) browser that supports the webview used in the native build.

The example below extends the default behaviour provided by a new Ember app.

'use strict';

let browsers;

if (process.env.CORBER) {
  browsers = [`last 1 ${process.env.CORBER_PLATFORM} versions`];
} else {
  // out-of-the-box ember-cli behaviour
  browsers = [
    'last 1 Chrome versions',
    'last 1 Firefox versions',
    'last 1 Safari versions'

  const isCI = !!process.env.CI;
  const isProduction = process.env.EMBER_ENV === 'production';

  if (isCI || isProduction) {
    browsers.push('ie 11');

module.exports = {

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