Corber CLI improves the hybrid app build experience with JavaScript frameworks—currently for Ember, Vue, React & Glimmer apps using Cordova. It can be used with existing or new JavaScript applications.

Corber handles items such as framework + app build & validations with a single command: corber build—without affecting existing web flows. The CLI also includes on-device livereload for development and utility functions for icons, plugins, etc. Where needed, it can proxy to the Cordova CLI.

Ember users also have access to a series of plugin bindings exposed as services. Corber is a continuation of the ember-cordova project; read here for details.

Getting Started


yarn global add corber
# or
npm install -g corber

Initialize Corber:

# Run from your Ember/Vue/React/Glimmer project root
corber init

Setup Framework for Corber:

See docs for setting up Vue, Ember, and React/Webpack to use Corber.

The Corber CLI
# Run your JavaScript builder and create a mobile application
corber build

# Boot an emulator with live reload for development
# Cordova plugins are supported /w live reload
corber start

# Set up hot reload for on-device usage
corber serve

# Build icon & splash screens
corber make-splashes
corber make-icons