Core Concepts


The platform corber builds are targeted to, e.g. iOS or Android. corber projects can support multiple platforms, however any one build is targeted to a single platform.


The Javascript framework being used with corber, e.g. Ember, Vue, React, Glimmer.


A cordova or native plugin that provides specialized functionality and/or a proxy to native device API’s. Distinct from a JS module in that it is designed to run in a native mobile shell and is often not functional in non mobile builds.

Hot Reload

When using the start and serve commands Corber will automatically hot reload code changes to your targeted device/emulator without the need for re-compiling. A hot reload build is generally linking remotely to your machines serve instance and is for development only.

Static Build

The inverse of a hot reload build, a static build includes all compiled assets inside the application container. Static builds need to be re-compiled after every code change, however can be shared with other users and machines. They are typically used for final testing, beta and production builds.