Vue.js Mobile Apps

Vue CLI projects should ensure their publicPath or baseUrl properly in vue.config.js does not have a leading slash. This will be validate for your on every build, start and serve.

Vue CLI 3 Projects

In order for the start and serve commands to maintain access to the mobile shell, vue-cli-plugin-corber must be installed to your project. This will happen automatically for you on corber init.


module.exports = {
  publicPath: './'

You may want to only conditionally change the publicPath on corber builds:

  module.exports = {
   publicPath: process.env.CORBER? './' : '/'
Vue CLI 2 Projects

In order for the start and serve to work, corber-webpack-plugin must be installed and manually configured into your project.

const CorberWebpackPlugin = require('corber-webpack-plugin');

module.exports = {
    publicPath: './',
    plugins: [new CorberWebpackPlugin()]
Non-Vue CLI Projects

Non-Vue CLI project should refer to the docs on extending frameworks.